How to be a Killer

A killer can be a person who displays psychopathic or sociopathic tendencies, just an ordinary person who kills for a profit or someone who wants to maintain prestige within a group.  The former have limited resistance in his urge to kill.  The latter, on the other hand, is of stable mind but kills because of self-defense or just because it is his way of living.

Ways to become a killer:

Don’t exist.

This means that you should have no contact with anybody, may it be family or friends.  Be a stranger to your victim.  Don’t get noticed or visible to him.  You should not befriend his friends and be distant.

Buy in cash.

Buy your materials in cash and never get a receipt.  It is best that you buy them beyond a fifty-mile radius from your place or office.

Think of a believable alibi.

Don’t let your story go overboard.  Make it simple because too much embellishment can foul up a story.

Though these may be effective ways to kill somebody, you still have no control over the power of evidence.  So, think a hundred times before you do it.

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