4 Ways to Survive a Killer

The instinct to survive automatically kicks in whenever we are in a dangerous situation. Being confronted by a killer is one of the most horrifying experience ever, but just in case, keep in mind these four ways in order to survive.

Be Aware

It is important that you are conscious and aware of your surroundings in order to be able to formulate a plan of escape.

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Stay Focused

Fear is normal, but you must control it because panicking won’t be able to help you. It might worsen the situation. Without making it obvious, stay focused and alert for the opportunity to escape.


Once you have the opportunity, run with all your might and keep running while making distress signals like shouting for help or making troubling noises to catch attention and seek assistance.


If you are sure that nobody can rush to help you in your current situation, the best way is to hide. Keep hidden somewhere safe. It is also advisable to have a weapon while hiding for self defense.

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