3 Ways to Identify a Killer

With so much expertise, sometimes police and highly trained operatives have difficulty on tracing who perpetrated a crime.  Beyond their proficiency in killing, some (if not all) killers share certain traits with which you can identify them.

Abuse and Neglect in Their Childhood

During the formative stage of a child’s life, he learns how to love, empathize and interact.  At times, when these are not instilled in a child at his early age, it would be difficult for him to learn it later in his life.  Thus, killers become calloused however worst the degree of his crime is.

Despite of Intelligence, They Get Poor Grades in School or Low Performance at Work

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Killers usually have above average intellect.  The fact that they can successfully carry out their crimes and get away from them (at least temporarily) supports this idea. Their inability to interact with others and lack of respect in social standards make them impossible to advance in their careers or stay employed for a long time.

Extreme Anti-Social Demeanor

This personality disorder permits a person to feel guiltless or impenitent after having committed the crime.  He is able to make up quality stories to cover-up his actions and becomes aggressive when involved in discussions. read more…

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