3 Unsolved Crimes That Shook the World

Crimes occur almost every minute in certain parts of the world. Every time you watch TV, it seems like news about crimes are such a customary as if everybody doesn’t care anymore. Nonetheless, there are those which are known to the world, as baffling as ever and never been solved.

Jack the Ripper Case

It was known to be the first known famous case of serial killings. The victims were all females and mostly prostitutes slaughtered in an animal-like manner that occurred in 19th century London.

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The D.B. Cooper Case

D.B. Cooper is just an alias for a man who jumped off the  plane with $200,000 after hijacking it.  He was never been found and identified after the incident and the money was never found.

The Case of Elizabeth Short

Also referred to as the “Black Dahlia”, her gruesome murder made a huge publicity because the killer has mad made contact with the media numerous times for some clues, nevertheless, it remains unsolved. click here for more…

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