3 Traits of a Serial Killer

Stories about a serial killer being on the loose is really frightening and oftentimes causes the community to be more vigilant. However what makes a killer be considered as a serial killer?

A Serial killer kills more than one.

They’re victims are more than just an individual person it can be 2 or 3 of if they are not exposed or controlled promptly, it can account up to a hundred or more.

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A serial killer murders for psychological gratification.

Their motivation to kill is because it makes gives them satisfaction in a certain way. It can be considered as a psychological disorder but not all of them are psychologically incapacitated. Sometimes the roots of their impulsion to killĀ  can be traced to their previous experiences.

A serial killer kills with a pattern.

For the killings to considered to be done by serial killers, their victims must have something in common like specific characteristics, gender, age bracket, profession, etc. Most of them are not known to the perpetrator, they just happened to have those certain qualities that attracts the killers.

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